Chattel mortgage wake sleeping assets of enterprises

this scenario is not uncommon in the hardware business in the city, some enterprise warehouse stacked with finished even. In the view of the industry, which are in a State of waste assets, inventory, the more capital more stress. To me, metal industry, if it can be obtained by semi-finished products or finished products to mortgage loans, will release huge amounts of funds, and accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

  so how to activate them? the chattel mortgage, is undoubtedly one of the best ways. At present, although some corporations have tried to chattel mortgage, lending money to ease financing problems, help businesses develop. However, reporters at the banks learned that in addition to the non-ferrous metal copper production enterprise for the production of raw materials, such as copper and other metal products, as semi-finished products, finished products handled outside the chattel mortgage, other enterprises is almost zero. Chattel mortgage, suffered the kind of bottleneck?

a status quo

  Mortgage is dominated by raw materials

  financing exceeding 520 million yuan in the first three quarter

  in the city, nearly 90% of the enterprises are small and micro businesses, factors such as lack of collateral, guarantee tied to their development. In March this year, the Supreme Court issued the judicial interpretation, allowing enterprises to mortgage leasing machinery and equipment, this is the Gospel of SMEs.

"mount radiator project, the company encountered financial bottlenecks. We have mortgage loan 2 million Yuan still has gaps, fortunately, the lease mortgaged equipment, and got more than 1 million yuan of emergency funds, now that the project has been functioning, loans are about to pay off. "An aluminum products business charge Mr King said.

  King one of the just profit. According to statistics of the city of market supervision administration, the first 9 months, my chattel mortgage registration city 35, amount financed, over 524 million Yuan, including the floating mortgage and the counter guarantee mortgage, lease or mortgage, collateral for raw materials, machinery and production equipment, finished products, semi-finished products, automobiles, followed by widening the financing channels for SMEs.

  Bank said, compared with the developed cities, the city's movable property mortgage business is still in the early stages of development, some enterprises of chattel mortgage concept.

  in addition, the reporter found this year in market supervision and registration of chattel mortgage business, only 10 were in the local financial institutions, others are mortgaged to foreign financial institutions or individuals. This has resulted in low proportion of chattel mortgage loans to all loans, but also shows that the chattel mortgage lending and loans for business development there is a large space.

 , four State-owned banks to SMEs of chattel mortgages too cautious, and "catch the big and free the small case", chattel mortgage is dominated by copper, aluminum and other nonferrous metal raw materials, the mortgagor is dominated by enterprises above the designated size.

  Yongkang branch of Mr Hu of China Construction Bank, now China Construction Bank issued mortgage loans of more than 200 million Yuan, mainly concentrated in several large non-ferrous metal production companies in our city.

  agricultural Bank of China branch in Yongkang did not disclose the loan amount, but the official said: "the business very much, only a few businesses. "The reporter has learned, that copper production enterprise-oriented firms.

  commercial banks or other financial institutions are probably so, on chattel mortgages limited to raw materials, machinery and equipment.

b development of

  storage bottlenecks are expected to take the lead in breaking

  widening the financing channels of chattel mortgage

  a few days ago, the city's head of a cable company, market, Yang came to market contracts administration section, early access to 20 million yuan of chattel mortgage registered on the counter guarantee financing. It is reported that this is the second registration of chattel mortgage company this month.

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