Banks with small and micro businesses spring will come

expensive financing, financing, small and micro businesses holding over the years "for loan" sign, not in search of funds. However, as in recent years, the regulator's policy balance gradually tilted towards the small and micro enterprises, banks are also actively launch the appropriate loan products and full programme of financial services, small business loans come spring.


  small and micro enterprises are still policies plays

  data published recently by the Central Bank showed that in January-August this year, Renminbi loans small and micro enterprises in Beijing today by 32.48 billion yuan, of which small business loans accumulated by 21.83 billion yuan of micro-enterprise loans accumulated by 10.65 billion yuan.

  is corresponding to the Central Bank data, in order to promote the continuous improvement of financial services to small and micro enterprises, in March 2014, the CBRC issued the guidance on 2014 financial services to small and micro enterprises, integration of financial resources, to help small and micro enterprises solve the problem of financing, financing your.

  and the CBRC in July of this year, approved the appointment of three private banks to build applications. Three of the Bank's development strategy and market positioning of distinct, but services are dominated by small and micro enterprises. Shenzhen sea before banks will be to focus on services to individual consumers and featured small business bank, Wenzhou, Wenzhou commercial bank located in the main regions of small and micro enterprises, individual businesses and area residents, farmers in the County to provide inclusive financial services.

on October 25, in "cracking the small micro-enterprise financing and financing your suggestions Forum", the China Banking Regulatory Commission Chairman Liu mingkang said, crack micro-enterprise financing and financing of your problem, the banks have to change their procedures, processes, and compliance-building have to be reconditioned. In addition, you should do due diligence, not "good grab, push hard."

entering small micro-lending bank full force

  with the policy balance gradually tilted to the small and micro enterprises, individual banks with small business loans. On biological technology limited company of Beijing clock for total, he and his company are the beneficiaries of the Boer policy dividend.

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