Expert: small micro-financing should broaden the channels of credit outside

on October 30, in 2014 the financial support for small and micro enterprises development forum-50-China wealth management forum on the concert, a number of scholars believe that micro-enterprise financing and financing your is a worldwide problem, not just through bank financing solutions to existing problems.

"China's father of microcredit", micro-credit union Du Xiaoshan, founder and Chairman of the Forum, said that solving the problems of small and micro enterprise financing and financing your general idea is: Government, enterprises and financial institutions to work together to form a joint force.

  Du Xiaoshan recommendations, support for small and micro enterprise development, in addition to focusing on small and medium sized banks developments, should also broaden the channels of credit financing outside, allowing more private capital into the market.

experts: note development small and medium Bank

  Du Xiaoshan think, Government and regulatory authorities to became small micro-enterprise development of maintenance who, increased financial support efforts, strengthening credit system of established, established industry guide Fund, and risk fund, and venture fund, and implemented differences of of regulatory policy,; while, small micro-enterprise to became market competition of qualified who, itself to body fitness, improve itself quality, comply with corresponding of system, attention technology innovation, Sound financial systems and management level, establish century-old idea in the long run, to the differentiation strategy positioning; financial institutions want to be market movers, innovating the system of credit products, the creation of private-sector management, establish incentive and restraint mechanisms.

  daily economic news reporter note to, Du Xiaoshan also special stressed two points: first, to note development small and medium Bank, United States has more than 7,000 more than Bank, most is Community Bank, provides has small suppliers directly loan of one-third and small commercial real estate loan of 40% also more, China of small financial institutions also to play itself advantage and features of, statistics data showed that, China small financial institutions 40%~60% of customer for SMEs, and 30%~45% Business is a small business customer, for SMEs and banks 20%~40% customers, only 5%~10% customers for small business customers, which means that small and medium banking services to small and micro businesses have their own characteristics and advantages.

  second, widening credits outside of direct financing channels, such as venture capital, private equity, bonds, funds, including Internet, P2P finance (is also a kind of direct financing channels), accelerate lending legislation and norms guiding private capital to enter the market, as well as to tell private money lending, deposit-taking and illegal fund-raising in disguise.

  must make the most of technological innovation

  for small and micro enterprises through docking with the capital markets, Bank of Beijing said Zhang Zhiyong on these forums, SME Department, can capital markets for small and micro enterprises play a decisive role in the development, opportunity and challenge.

  for small and micro enterprises through direct financing channels for the financing of, the industry believes that direct financing such as equity, bond financing on standardization, transparency of financial information requirements are high, investors can clearly see the future and future growth, but it's difficult for the vast majority of small and micro businesses, these enterprises still rely on the banks, especially small and medium banks. In addition, the Internet finance is the financing of medium and small micro-enterprises in emerging channels, but not a panacea for all problems.

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