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Jingdong financial head Wang Lin introduced the financial supply chain, apart from other small business loan focuses on product first, "Beijing micro-credit" feature for the business to provide customized financial services. Businesses not only have full autonomy to choose the loan conditions, also according to different conditions, different rates.

  reported that "Beijing micro-credit" is for East opening service businesses based on micro-credit loans, customers are East of Beijing is now open platform business and have relatively low financing costs, 1 minute financing in place, on the full line of examination and approval and so on. Meanwhile, "Beijing small loan" loan interest rate and the loan amount will be based on business operations, including sales, consumer assessment, the abundance of goods and many other indicators, the current provisional form business loan cap of 2 million Yuan, after timely upward or downward according to data. Wang said that soon will sell the business to the Jingdong C2C platform, namely Pat network extension.

  in July last year, Ali, the micro-credit realization of the securitization of credit assets. "Because some banks hard to simplify the process, so the ' Beijing small loans ' cooperation with the Bank. At present, Beijing East financial lenders use their own capital, on the premise of funding can support, not necessarily immediately to consider a small loan securitization products, but does not exclude small credit asset securitization. Temporarily not to do in the short term, to lending decisions. "Wang said" financial licences, the State is willing to give, how much we are willing to take. "

insiders say, Jing dong has been in supply chain finance services, before the" Jing Bao bei "is a supplier of financial services. "Beijing small loans" starting from the second half of last year intimating, listed funds may be more abundant, tenants absorbed more open platform, coupled with the accumulation of data for commercial tenants is full, so the introduction of the product.

  Wang told reporters that Jingdong financial in January of this year launched the first supply chain finance product "Jing Bao bei" since its launch only one bad. In addition, journalists learned that data based on East edge, "Beijing small loans" on the air-control system uses a variety of business evaluation and risk control of AIDS.

  in recent years, several commercial businesses into the area of small business loans. In June 2010, the company launched a microfinance oriented to small and micro businesses and individuals in December 2012, suning Tesco announced the upper reaches of the country, offers suppliers the main push supply chain financing business, "suning small loan" full opening of financial business in May 2014, only got a small credit licence.

"now the whole e-commerce for small business loans are very interested, feel that based on their transactions in some improvement in risk areas, small business loan markets opportunities. "Wang Lin said.

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