Half of the listed banks are raising loan interest rates

banking three quarterly reports to produce beautiful results, was that the situation was better than expected in the industry. But the reporter than the data found that these beautiful figures, hides a lot of problems. Data show that the 16 listed banks September 2014 compared to the end of 2013, total 123.753 billion yuan of bad assets, analysts believe that this erosion at least 60 billion yuan of profits. In the case of capital cost generally promote, 16 banks, there are 9 banks remained a net interest margin of improvement.

a GDP slowdown in Bank profits remained high

from the perspective of performance, 16 listed banks ' net profit for the first three quarters of 1,016,133,000,000 yuan, including, agriculture, industry and construction, five big banks realized a profit of 752.537 billion yuan, accounting for the 16 listed banks gross profit 74.06%.

16 banks profit more than 10% more than 10 per cent, from 7.4% in the first quarter of this year GDP growth has been down to 7.3% in the third quarter. Profit growth in the banking industry as a whole "outperform" GDP growth rate. In addition, late last year to this year, continued to rise in banks ' bad assets, according to the 16 listed banks September 2014 compared to the end of 2013, total bad assets increased by 123.753 billion yuan,

due to the increase in the level of bad loans, banks need to make provision for lead to hurt profits, "bad assets increased erosion at least 6, 70% amount of profits. "A big state-owned bank insiders said. Reporter rough statistics found that conservative estimate, calculated at 50%, 16 listed banks have at least more than 60 billion yuan in profits had been cut.

due to the first three quarters of its bad loan ratio and deposit costs rise on Bank profits greatly from the impact of small business finance and real estate markets, common four-quarter of banks ' bad loans are expected to rise, that is, 2014 years in the banking industry profits will be further eroded.

second deposit cost of net interest margin remained high

with the advancement of marketization of interest rate and financial development of the Internet have raised banks ' deposit costs, led to a number of banks net interest margin declined. But by 2014 than the 16 listed banks three quarterly net interest margin, found that compared with data for September 2013, of the 16 listed banks 9 banks net interest margin is still rising.

"the Bank is restructuring and loan interest rates increase profit. "These insiders told reporters.

earlier, the Bank is the largest piece of the assets from the central State-owned enterprises with high credit ratings, but this aspect of the loan interest rate is low, high interest rate of the loan is small and medium enterprises, in recent years, large State-owned enterprises, often through direct financing tool to obtain funding, compared with homeopathy for Bank, loans from State-owned enterprises turn to small and medium enterprises, increase interest rates.

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