Small faces four of micro financial services transformation

at present, China's economic growth slows and marketization of interest rate and exchange rate liberalization, convertibility of RMB capital account and other financial reforms accelerated. Changes in the economic and financial situation has a profound impact on the banking industry's traditional business model, increasing urgency on banking transformation and upgrading, and possible future development paths are also gradually, strengthen small and micro financial services is the banking industry an important part of the transformation and upgrading. In my opinion, four current micro-financial service upgrade.

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service model transformation and upgrading. Achieve this transformation, there are two paths: one is based on the community, relying on social networks to get customers. Second, quantitative models to comprehensive data analysis volume lending. Large banks have the advantage of technology leadership, quality of staff, establishment of quantitative model, batch lending is the small and micro financial services is more suitable for the future direction of development.

Service transformation and upgrading of technology. This is the key to enhance the level of micro-financial services. Interest rate risk pricing technology breakthrough is achieved. Key according to the different characteristics of small and micro enterprises, integrated assessment of Bank lending risk, cost of capital and credit, tolerance, growth parameters, such as, the lending interest rate difference, truly interest rates reasonably reflect the costs and risks. B is for small business to provide diversified and differentiated services. On one hand, through innovative products and services, in addition to the pure deposit and loan business, provides various types of support services for small and micro enterprises, improving the added value of micro-financial services, on the active use of Internet technology for small and micro finance, data processing and other information services to provide strong technical support.

transformation and upgrading of service concept. This is the premise of transformation and upgrading of small and micro finance services. Profitability of the banking sector will effectively change the one-sided pursuit of business philosophy, taking customers as the Center and continuing to expand small and micro financial services breadth and depth. One is to strengthen the idea of inclusive financial services and continuing to expand small breadth of financial services; the second is to strengthen the sense of long term strategic development, establish the concept of and the growth of small and micro enterprises.

corporate culture transformation and upgrading. Banks should set up specialized micro-finance services team, and enhance team cohesion and oriented by customer demand, form a distinctive culture of micro-financial services. While, to change past to results finds loan risk responsibility, to punishment business personnel tube control credit risk of business culture, instead to loan process in the whether due diligence finds responsibility; on the, to from assessment Shang Guide, and strengthened small micro-financial service, in perfect small micro-financial service independent system of based Shang, gradually advance corresponding of independent assessment mechanism, in bad loan tolerance, and performance requirements, aspects give tilt.

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